Value Added Products :

A full range of products can be offered in vacuum packed trays for Supermarkets and retail stores.
Product mix, sizes, specifications could all be achieved to develop a good product as per your requirement.
Factories are also under construction, which will process and offer a full range of Tuna lions on a regular basis. Latest by mid 2006 we will be able to offer these Tuna products on a regular basis.
Also our companies are doing continuous research and development to improvise on the quality as well as come up with new innovative ideas and methods to prepare and present the various products.
We also do take up projects as per customer requirement to offer and pack exclusively as per buyer's requirements and in the buyer's Brand.
Marinated Shrimps

1) Breaded Shrimps
2) Marinated Shrimps
3) Headon Eazy Peel
4) Headless Eazy Peel
5) Cooked and Peeled shrimps
Squid Pineapple Cut
Squid Tube  40-60 Pineapple Cut

6) Squid tubes pineapple cut
Bread Battered Shrimps
Bread Battered Colour Shirmps

7) Cooked and Cut Lobsters
Silver Pomfret 4
Tray in Vaccum Pack

8) Vacuum packed Products
Headless Shrimps
Bread Battered Shrimps
Bread Battered Colour Shirmps
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